New version of the AGS house

A new version of the AGS house (AGD-HM-H4) has been completed.

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Several installations of AGS sensors in Hyltebruk

Hyltebruk has recently proceeded with several installations of AGS sensors.

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A problem solved via the remote service

We were able to help Kvarnsveden solve a problem in a flexible manner via the remote service on the R4.


AGS installation at Stora Enso in Fors

A CD70 refiner at Fors kartong has been supplied with double AGS sensors of the AGS-IZGS and AGS-OZGS types.

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Remote service on the R4 in Kvarnsveden

To help with error search and data download on the refiner that runs under the project "Filling the Gap", we have installed a remote execution service on the Panel PC on R4 in Kvarnsveden, Sweden.

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