Hubbe installed for trial at iZettle in Stockholm


With the help of camera technology Hubbe helps the office staff to sort their garbage right and alarms for filled waste baskets. Besides this the cleaning company gets a message through the system that tells the employee when it's time to empty the waste basket.

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Good vibrations realized thanks to Plus sensors in Braviken


The very first TDC sensors of the TDC-RZMCX type have now been delivered!

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Dametric invests in electric company cars


Dametric now invests in electric company cars as a next step in the sustainable development.

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AGS systems installed at Holmen's mill


Holmen's mill in Hallstavik (Sweden) invests in two new AGS systems to their reject machines of type Jylhä SD-62.

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A further one steering system upgraded at Stora Enso Kvarnsveden


At Stora Enso Kvarnsveden (Sweden) we have upgraded a further one steering system on a double disc refiner (R31) to ServicePanel execution with remote assistance (GIR).

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